Intro: Regret – Dopein

Singer: Dopein
Album: L'hiver
Release Date:

Intro: Regret Lyrics

Lyrics: Dopein
Compose: Dopein,SWSHRS
Arrange: SWSHRS

Why would you say that babe
What are you doing now

Why would you give me that look on your face
No I can't read your, I can't read your mind

Thinking of, thinking of, thinking of you
Honestly I wish I've never known you

You'll be on my on my loop babe

If you're listening to this shit
No I don't wanna fuss & fight
I just wanna give you nothing but my love and trust

That's the only thing I'm looking for

Guitar Chord: ultimate-guitar | chordify
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Intro: RegretL'hiverDopein
Intro: RegretL'hiverDopein
Intro: RegretDopein
Intro: RegretDopein
Intro: RegretL'hiverDopein